I was raised in Miami, FL and began cheering for my high school team which led me to begin at Top Gun All Stars in 1996 and won several national titles before finishing High School in 1999.

Once I graduated, I was hired by COA Summer Staff winning "Best First Year" and "Most Inspirational Instructor" for three consecutive years. During this time, I started choreographing and doing music for teams such as: Top Gun, Stingray All-Stars, All-Star Legacy, Premier Sharks, STEP 1.

At the end of 2006,I finished cheering and coaching at Topgun and I left Miami for Atlanta, GA to be the head coach of Stingrays Small Co-Ed taking the team from its original 20 members to 32 and winning the silver medal at the World Championship. For personal reasons, I returned to Miami the following season and joined the International Open 6 Team at Top Gun winning the NCA Title.

In November 2012, I was in a life-chaging accident that left me out of the industry for two seasons.

Through the amazing support of my family and the cheerleading industry I was able to re-enter for the 2014 season and did choreography and music for several teams throughout the nation, this time with a new outlook and appreciation for life. In 2017 I won the Most Innovative Choreography Award at the NCA All-Star Nationals and then won the Gold Medal at the 2017 Summit.

I look forward to continuing my work, for which I have a huge passion, for this industry.